Tuolumne County

Volunteer Fair

Connecting Volunteers & Non-Profits

April 17, 2025

4 – 7 PM

Tuolumne County

Volunteer Fair

Connecting Volunteers & Nonprofits

April 17, 2025

4-7 PM

Tuolumne County

Volunteer Fair

Connecting Volunteers & Nonprofits

Exhibitor Resources

Thanks for registering for the Volunteer Fair. The following resources are to help you get the most out of the event and support fellow exhibitors. This page will be updated as we send out emails leading up to the event.

Be on the lookout for a series of 4 emails from us:

Marketing the Fair

The more people hear about the Fair, the more will come. Increased attendance means more potential volunteers for everyone.

There are 3 easy things you can do to help spread the word.

Facebook Event

RSVP-ing and sharing our event is a great way to increase the visibility on Facebook. If allowed, share with appropriate local groups too.

Link to Event:  https://fb.me/e/5mpIuDir7

Share with your Email Subscribers

You may download the graphic below & share with and invite your subscribers to attend.

Click on the image to download the pdf.

New Tuolumne County Fair Date May 23, 2024

Prepping for the Volunteer Fair

This section covers 3 main areas:

What is provided

We’ll provide an 8ft table and 3 chairs.

If you indicated that you need electricity, your booth location will be near an outlet along a wall.

Setup time will be from Noon to 3:30pm on May 23.

At 3:30pm please gather in front of the stage for brief opening remarks followed by time to network with each other before we open to the public at 4pm.

What to Bring

  • Tablecloth
  • Standup Banner and/or items about your organization. They must fit within the 8ft square space of your booth area.
  • Handouts to give potential volunteers
  • Signup sheet.
  • pen/pencil/notepad
  • tape

If you signed up for electricity

  • extension cord
  • duct tape and/or cord channel to secure the cord to the floor

 Please note, we are not allowing pop up tents this year.

What to Say

Always start with a smile. 😊

Be clear about what it is your organization does – and who it benefits. People connect with and remember stories about you transform lives and the world around us.

Be clear about what it is you need. We understand not everyone has this luxury, but it’s usually easier to get someone to commit to doing a specific task than it is to do something undefined.

Have the people who are staffing the booth practice the intro to the organization and make sure they are familiar with the volunteer tasks.

What Not to Say

Please refrain from political and religious conversations at the Volunteer Fair

Day of Event

What’s in this section?


Setup time will be from Noon to 3:30pm on May 23.

At 3:30pm please gather in front of the stage for a group photo and quick review of the event followed by time to network with each other before we open to the public.

Check in
Please check in at the NW entrance of the Me-Wuk Building (Formerly John Muir). There will be assistants available to help you unload and carry in your exhibit. This is the end closest to the creek and the train.

Each table will have a sign with a number and your name on it. Please keep that on the table to help visitors navigate.

Each table will have 3 chairs, if you need more, please ask us during setup time.


You may park near the entrances to unload and load after the event. Be quick and respectful of other organizations also loading and unloading. After unloading, please park at the far end of the parking lot for the duration of the event so visitors can easily park.

Please do not park in the designated Fairground RV spots.


At 3:30pm gather under the stage for a quick welcome and time to network with fellow organizations.

Event Opening

At 4pm, we’ll open the event to the general public.


  • If you are using electricity, bring an extension cord and duct tape or cord guard to prevent tripping.
  • Participants are responsible for keeping their area clean.
  • No smoking is allowed in the building.
  • In case of an emergency keep the traffic lanes clear to allow access for emergency vehicles.

Cleanup / End of Day

  • Do not start to break down your booth until the Fair closes at 7pm
  • At the conclusion please clean up your area and deposit all trash into the inside garbage cans.. Extra trash bags will be provided if needed.
  • Please wipe up any spills you see, and remove all tape from walls.
  • If we leave the building as clean as we found it, the security deposit will be returned.

Final Words

Volunteers for the event will be wearing shirts with the Volunteer Fair logo on it or have lanyards identifying them. If you need anything during the event please ask!

Take a look at your listing on our website. If you need to update the information at any time, please let us know by using this simple form. While there check out the Community Calendar – and feel free to submit your events throughout the year.

Be on the lookout for a short survey by the beginning of next week. Your thoughtful feedback helps us get better each year.

Thank you again for being a part of the Volunteer Fair. You are why Tuolumne County is such a great place to live. We appreciate you.

Contact us

Send an email or fill out the form if you have any questions!

Tuolumne County Volunteer Fair